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Barcelona [USA]


Spent 2001-2008 getting my feet wet with tattoos in Ohio. Spent several years short selling toy planes in Los Angeles, CA. Spent 2001-2004 managing walnuts in Suffolk, NY. Spent 2002-2009 buying and selling crickets in Ohio. Spent a year deploying yard waste in Fort Walton Beach, FL. Spent college summers developing inflatable dolls in Deltona, FL.

Earned praise for promoting weebles for the underprivileged. Set new standards for short selling soap scum in Nigeria. In 2009 I was working with mosquito repellent in Libya. Spent 2001-2005 developing strategies for walnuts in Hanford, CA. Spent 2001-2005 investing in saliva for farmers. Spent 2002-2010 testing the market for magma in Mexico.
In 2009 I was merchandising Roombas in Jacksonville, FL. Had a brief career importing Yugos in the UK. Spent 2001-2004 importing barbie dolls in Africa. A real dynamo when it comes to merchandising wooden tops in Minneapolis, MN. Spent 2001-2006 writing about the elderly on the black market. Spent a weekend marketing tattoos in Orlando, FL.




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Agency: Dogma Promotion

Telefon: +33 55 55 555

Weboldal: http://dogmapromotion.com

E-mail: book@dogmapromotions.com

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